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  • What is GRP pipe?

    GRP pipe, namely Glass fiber reinforced plastics mortar pipe, The pipeline is made by the certain process, using glass fiber and its products as reinforcing material, resin as matrix material, sand and other inorganic non-metallic materials as filling. Process of continuous winding is more popul...
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  • Cost effective reinforce material for ducting and insulation

    Aluminum is widely used in insulation industry. Such as foil facing for glass wool, rockwool etc., used under roof checking, attic rafters, in floors, walls; for pipe wrap, air conditioning ductworks. Adding scrims make the final products much more reinforced, improving insulation system perfo...
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  • Welcome to visit Shanghai Ruifiber

    Shanghai Ruifiber Industry Co.,ltd specialized in three industries: building materials, composite materials and abrasive tools. The main products: polyester laid scrims, fiberglass laid scrims, triaxial scrims, composites mats, fiberglass mesh, grinding wheel mesh, fiberglass tape, paper tape, m...
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  • About Glass fiber industry

    Glass fiber is also called fiber glass, which is made of continuous filament glass yarn. This cost-effective reinforcing fabric is widely used in many industries. Such as: Building materials, electronic appliances, rail transit, petrochemical industry.   Glass fiber products mainly are devi...
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  • Shanghai Ruifiber wish you happy new year 2021

    Dear all our friends, Thank you for the trust and great support for the past years! We Shanghai Ruifiber will try harder to serve you and your company even better in the coming new year.   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! Hope you everything goes well.   If yo...
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    A carpet tile includes a textile top member and a cushion mat that is coupled with the textile top member via a thermoplastic material. The textile top member includes carpet yarns and a backing that is coupled with the carpet yarns so that the backing structurally supports the carpet yarns. Th...
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  • About Shanghai Ruifiber

    Shanghai Ruifiber Industry Co.,ltd is the 1st manufacturer who produce laid scrim in China since 2018. So far, we’re able to produce around 50 different items for different areas. The main prodcuts including polyester laid scrims, fiberglass laid scrims, triaxial scrims, composites mats e...
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  • What is Scrim reinforce tarpaulin?

    Scrim reinforce tarpalin, also called Scrim Poly reinforced plastic sheeting is available in many sizes. It has a high-strength cord grid laid scrims between layers of lldpe film to provide a heavy-duty, lightweight material that won’t rip or tear. Scrim reinforce tarpaulin is made with a 3-p...
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  • Shanghai Ruifiber visiting FILM & TAPE EXPO 2020

    From 19th Nov ~ 21st Nov, Shanghai Ruifiber have been visting our film and tape customers in FILM & TAPE EXPO 2020, also looking for new products/inquiries.   Film & tape Expo was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on November 19, 2020. Meanwhile, it held ICE China, CIFSIE...
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  • What is scrim reinforced medical paper tissue?

    Polyester laid scrim using the thermal plastic adhesive, can be widely used in medical industry and some of the composites industries with high environmental requirement. The medical paper, also called surgical paper, blood/liquid absorbing paper tissue, Scrim Absorbent Towel, medical hand tow...
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  • What is scrim reinforced adhesive tape?

    An aggressive clear PES/PVA scrim tape coated on both sides with a modified solvent free water based acrylic adhesive. Gold 90 gram siliconized paper release liner. The adhesive system of this double sided tape has excellent tack combined with high adhesive strength. Bond well to nearly all ma...
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  • Triaxial Scrims reinforce aluminum foil packaging, insulation and thermal materials

    Large quantities of triaxial scrims are laminated against aluminum foils. The end product mostly an aluminum-scrim-PE-laminate is used by producer of glass and rockwool during production of their insulation materials. characteristic: Light and flexible, with high mechanical load capacity. &nb...
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